About Me

My name is Durwasa Chakraborty and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Science with my current concentration partly in Software Engineering, Programming Language and partly in Computer Graphics.I am extremely passionate about programming languages and their behaviors in different settings. Yet I don’t have a favorite programming language as I really like Python but at the same time I really appreciate the power of Haskell or Racket. I like to work on technologies that are close to the metal. At the same time I like to build toy projects and fiddle around Python, JavaScript. I am very passionate about open source development, programming design paradigms, application architecture and system designs. In the past I have done some competitive coding as well so I understand algorithms. In fact, one of my life goal is to become a TopCoder purple. It might take like 20 years from now but I hope I reach there. Along with that I have worked with Opencv, I have worked with Computer Graphics, Information Retrieval and some basic web stuffs. I also have tried a plethora of environments but I couldn’t find the one IDE until I came to Spacemacs. So, I have tried vim, np++, emacs, neovim, sublime text, Intellij (huge fan) and VSCode. I usually code in Emacs these days but then for HTML and stuffs I use VSCode (which is pretty awesome as well)I have worked for IBM for about a year in Kolkata, West Bengal as an Application Developer for SAP HANA Business Warehousing. I am currently working as a Software Engineering Intern at refactored.ai as a Django Developer . I have thoroughly enjoyed by previous job as a teaching assistant for CS3650 Computer Systems and honestly, I really like my current job, so much that I am now thinking seriously about getting a PhD but then it is a distant dream. Basically, in my 5 years of Computer Science education I have practically tried on everything but I have failed miserably to get all my ducks in a row. Somewhere, I do feel the dire need to specialize in one of the fields but then I like it this way.

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